This superior quality Trigger Point Double Foam Roller by Harmony Fit brings you the best that foam massage rollers have to offer! Our set comes with many bonus items then other Foam Rollers offer - a complete set for a fantastic price, Includes: 13" Trigger Point Foam Roller, Inner Soft Roller, Massage Spike Ball, Elastic Fitness Band, Carry/Storage Case & Web Video User Guide. Whether you're after a day of household chores or office work; before, during or after a workout at the gym/ yoga/Pilates, this 2-in-1 foam roller set is sure to relieve tense, stiff or tight muscles more than ever before! Made of 100% EVA foam material, the 13" x 5.5" high-density outer roller features a trigger point design targeting backs, quads, glutes, and hamstrings. It is a boon for balance, flexibility, and circulation. Multiple density zones with grooves and bumps in 3 different textures simulate the feel of palm, finger and fingertip massage. From within its center, the 12.6" x 3.8" soft inner roller comes right out. Made of 100% abs material, it excels in massage of sensitive areas, relaxes muscles, improves oxygen flow, relieves pain and provides support during exercise. Not used to high-density foam rollers for muscles or back? Slowly and gently, start with the outer roller; the foam will soften with use as you build up a tolerance. With time, trigger point foam rollers improve lower/upper back, chest, calves, neck, and thighs. They heal tissue, improve mobility and circulation, reduce muscle and joint pain, improve range of motion and gait, and speed up muscle rehabilitation. Along with your new sports medicine foam roller, you'll enjoy our Double Bonus spiky massage ball, which acts on deep tissue in feet, hands, back, shoulder and thigh, and elastic fitness band to stretch and strengthen muscles

Harmony Fit 2-in-1 Trigger Point Foam Roller Set

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